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Willowtree Marina, located on the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal in West London, offers that rare combination of easy accessibility, security and attractiveness for so many canal based activities.

There is a quiet pride in what is on offer here and we hope you will feel this too. Willowtree Marina has set its sights on becoming a leader on the Inland Waterways. A desire to uphold the best of our canal past has been coupled to a management commitment for Customer Care, Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection.

Whatever it is you are looking for - be it moorings for boats, locations for filming, a centre for canal events, wildlife photography, walking,boat hire base, etc. - Willowtree Marina should be your first port of call.

NEWS - Narrowboat Incident Closes Canal

The Kennet and Avon Canal in Bath has been partially closed due to a narrowboat overturning in a lock at the weekend, which will no doubt inconvenience other users.

Thankfully there were no casualties but it will be a tricky operation to refloat and remove the boat so the section between locks 10 and 11 will be closed at least until the end of the week.

Jonathan Ludford from the Canal and River Trust (CRT) told Boating Business this is in part because fish will have to be removed before any salvage operation can take place.

Mr Ludford went on: “Then we will have to remove the water between the locks, all 3 million litres of it, before we crane the vessel out of the lock, which could take another two days.”

The incident happened because the narrowboat was not moved forward from the cill in the lock before the gates were operated. This resulted in the back of the boat being lifted out of the water as the water drained and the front of the vessel being submerged.

The narrowboat was on hire from Worcestershire based ABC Boat Hire and it will no doubt be an expensive insurance job. Mr Ludford said these incidents are quite rare, even though there are thousands of boats using the locks each day.

“The safety message here is clear here. Enjoy yourself and have fun on the canals this summer, but take care and exercise caution. Make sure you listen to the boatyard when you hire your boat – if you are unsure of anything ask before you go out on the water.”

NEWS - CRT Concerns About Live-Aboards

Living aboard a boat on Canal & River Trust (CRT) waterways – without a home mooring as ‘continuous cruisers’ - continues to increase, especially in some popular areas, writes Harry Arnold.

The CRT is concerned that the newcomers may not be aware of, or fully understand, the requirement for bona fide navigation and may believe it is sufficient simply to move around within a small area.

It says these boaters therefore get a shock when they find that they are in breach of the rules, and it is forced to embark on a time consuming and costly enforcement process.

So the CRT is reminding people taking up a new live-aboard lifestyle on its canals, but without a home mooring, to think carefully about the demands of living afloat through a series of awareness raising measures.

It is working to publicise these constraints amongst home-seekers and boat sales advertisers. The CRT is also aiming to provide clearer information to the floating community so, from January 2014, will be contacting everyone newly registering as a continuous cruiser to ensure they fully understand the requirements.

If, after three months, there is concern about a boat’s limited movement it will send a reminder and invitation to contact the local enforcement officer to discuss the cruising pattern.

Ultimately if they can’t meet the movement requirements they will need to get a home mooring before their licence can be renewed.

The CRT’s head of boating, Sally Ash, said: “We want people thinking of living afloat to be fully aware of the challenges, as well as the benefits, before taking the leap. We hope that, by spreading the message widely, people won’t end up making a costly mistake”.

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List of Boats Reported Stolen Thoughout the Whole UK River and Canal System
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Panoramic Views

Marina Slideshow

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Tranquil Training

Based here at Willowtree Marina in West London, our aim is to provide the best quality training to you, our customer, through an expanding range of courses which meet your needs.

We are now offering a range of RYA courses for the boater, supplemented by general courses applicable to boating and the needs of local businesses.

Click here for details.

Teasel Nursery

Willowtree Marina is proud to announce a new venture within the marina. We're opening a children's nursery which will answer the needs of the community and compliment existing provision.

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Boat Insurance


On The Water

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Black Prince Hire Boats

Willowtree Marina is now hosting Black Prince Hire Boats.

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Unsolicited Testimonial

"I have been at Willowtree Marina for 3 years now and I have enjoyed both staying here in this wonderfully maintained and tranquil marina and the interaction with the marina staff who have on every occasion provided a first rate service and have always gone the extra mile in providing as much
support and assistance as possible.

In one way I feel saddened to give my notice to terminate my mooring as I feel a highly valued customer here, although there is a need in me which requires change. Therefore I feel the need to move on. However, the main joy of having a boat is being able to experience different shores, which then fills me with excitement as I enjoy change which has been embedded in me from my military career. I would like to reiterate that I have enjoyed my time here on every front and hope that I could again be offered a place within the marina when I feel a change in the air." JB

Internet Wifi

Willowtree Marina moorers now have acess to the internet from their boats via a wifi link. This is available to visiting boats as well. Just ask in the marina office for details.


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